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  • January 04, 2010

Working Together to Build A Better Future

Dr. Helena Jaczek, MMP, Oak Ridges – Markham

The McGuinty government has a philosophy – that by working together, we can all get ahead.

For the last six years, our government has been working with people like you to build a better Ontario.

Ontario’s economy was hit hard by the global recession. But working together, Ontarians improved our schools, hospitals and infrastructure before the recession hit, and that progress has helped us get through it.

Recently, our government released our Progress Report 2009, the sixth in a series of Progress Reports updating Ontarians on the results we have achieved together, in a transparent and measurable way.

And you can really see the progress we’re making in our schools, hospitals, and communities.

Graduation rates have increased from 68 per cent in 2003–04 to 77 per cent in 2007–08.

Sixty-seven per cent of Ontario Grade 3 and 6 students are meeting or exceeding the provincial standard in reading, writing and math. This is a 13 percentage point increase over 2002–03.

Wait times for cancer surgery have dropped by 16 days, and approximately 800,000 more Ontarians now have access to a family doctor, as compared to 2003.

Construction is underway or completed for more than 100 major hospital projects.

Nearly 21,000 Ontarians have been approved and begun training for new careers through our Second Career initiative, which helps laid-off workers get the long-term training they need for high-skills jobs that are in demand in Ontario.

We’re working to improve our infrastructure to stimulate the economy and create jobs. That’s why over the next two years Ontario’s infrastructure will get a $32.5 billion boost, including $5 billion from the federal government—which is expected to create and sustain more than 300,000 jobs over the next two years.

And Ontario is now home to over 670 wind turbines and Canada’s largest solar farm.

But as wonderful as these achievements may be, we will still have more work to do. With new challenges arising as a result of the global recession, it is more important than ever that we work together to make our province even stronger.

We have to focus on doing more, and doing it better.

Fortunately, we have a plan, and it is the right plan for times like these.

It is a plan that will create jobs, develop the education and skills of our workforce, and improve the healthcare services that our families rely on.

It is a plan that will create 600,000 new jobs because of our tax reforms.

And it is a plan that will make Ontario the place to be for wind energy and solar technology.

Our government is going to continue to stand up for the priorities that matter to Ontarians.

Together, we’re building a strong economy with good jobs for our families today and good jobs for our children tomorrow.

To learn more about what we have accomplished together, view the Progress Report 2009 at, or contact my constituency office at (905) 294-4931.

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